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Being Gay is Something

Emmanuel Alba | www.emmanuelalba.com
Emmanuel Alba

What do you think?

(10 definitions on my end, republished 2015)


...something being an instinct impression from other person. To see them by their gestures and speech are some points you could recognize them.

...something that people say "it is unnatural". and why is that?

...something to decide if you do it freely or by closet. There are some reasons to know why is that? how is that? Well, that's a choice!

...something unforgivable to some parents especially father as they expect you to be truly and straightly man. This happens in most of the most family-oriented countries like the Philippines!

...something extraordinary to the world of creativity especially fashion, style and beauty stuff. They excel especially in these field of expertise.

...something indescribable feeling. Just like heterosexuals, it is what you think it is!

...something that you suffer from the so-called identity crisis. During teenage stage, it happens so well!

...something you might don't know it's root. Yeah! there are some debates for this issue, that's because life is exactly complicated.

...something the public consider a sin. Well, am I right?

...something God made them to sacrifice life. I am one.

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ESCAPADE: SEO and Affiliates' Team Building Activity 2.0

       "It was really fun and fantastic!". A dialogue we can describe such an event we had during our so called " ESCAPADE : SEO and Affiliates - The Team Building Activity Part 2" at Sunset Beach Resort of Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte, Philippines which started in the afternoon of June 22 until noon of 23rd of June, 2014. Together with the Team Leader Jefferson Villacote, Call Center Agents of this SEO Department of Six Eleven Global Teleservices and Solutions as of the moment are:
Emmanuel Alba, Paul Vincent Awiten, Cecilia Baclayon, Jessica Castaritas, Eric Garcia, Rhodalyn Montecillo, Marichar Montilde and Mike Daniel Polonan
       Affiliates and friends who were there for the event include:
Dylan Najera, Ohmar Ryan, King Rael Amante, George Engada, Ranjel Ortega, Vic Jayson Bagohin, JV Noblefranca, Norvie Pangangaan, Roxine (Mike’s), JV Noblefranca, Richard Montecillo and Jomar Gabinera.
Escapade: SEO and Affiliates' Team Building Activity Part 2 | www.emmanuelalba.com
Escapade: SEO and Affiliates' Team Building Activity Part 2
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     Photos selected in here are only captured by Digital Point-and-shoot Cameras and Phones - Something to cherish about.
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IN PHOTOS: SEO Team Building Activity 1.0

PHOTOS: SEO Team Building Activity 1.0 | www.emmanuelalba.com
Sir Jefferson Villacote and SEO Team

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Gay Philippines: Gay Synonyms

Top 30 Synonyms of "Gay" in the Philippines!

As considered in the Philippines, the word "GAY" has many synonyms - make it the rare noun - unique as being gay. Basically, the Filipino translation of Gay is "binabae" with respect to the conservative version of ... should I say "Classic Philippines", later then termed as "bakla", the most popular Pinoy / Filipino gay translation.

The following are some synonyms of our root word GAY. It is a dynamic word to consider:
         Atseng, Badaf, Bading, Badinggerzie, Baklush, Bayeng Bagul, Bayot, Beki, Charing, Churvalou, Chuvanis, Darna, Dyesebel, Girlalou, Jokla, Joy / Joya, Kabayo / Kavayu, Mahuyang , Oyot, Paloy, Shoke, Shukling, Sirena, Sireyna, Toyab / Toyabels, Vadash, Veklush, Yotch , Yours, Yoya, Yoyabells
As an archipelago by which has made it as a multi linguistic nation, the so called GAY LINGO (Gay Language) adds up it all, which make it even more plentiful as for its regional differences though. Gay Lingo was originated because of the backbiting manner.(Well, that's the truth guys!)

Updated: 09.24.2015
Nowadays, the most popular other term for Gay in Davao City, Philippines is :"YOURS".
(The above Photo was taken during our Hangout in Cagayan de Oro City -
just a friendship shoot only. A Photo Trip)
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Mentoring Beauty Pageant's Q & A

    Being an accustomed competition that involves personality, talent and intelligence (which usually being measured through Q & A), it is for the candidates to come up with the most persuasive and the brightest ideas on stage with so much confidence conveying the public and the judges. As a celebration of beauty – as they say, it could be a perfect campaign for social awareness in any social issues that are tackled in most of the Beauty Pageant's Question and Answer Portion.
     During this celebration we have in our Barangay Bayabas, Cagayan de Oro City; we have just made it for our candidate in achieving such goal for the Final Q & A Portion. I was the one mentoring our candidate Althea Rose Jumawid in the brainstorming of the possible questions to come up. 

TIPS on Question and Answer Portion! [The Web Cycle Way]
1. Starting the statement should create an impression and expression of intelligence, confidence - Like showing off that you have the aura to answer it flawlessly.
2. Conquer the so-called stage fright while you are in the midst of that center of attraction. 
3. Assemble or swiftly formulate a specific answer that would have a great impact to the audience and judges.
4. Have a great conviction of the answer and share an unforgettable mark on your statement as much as you can.
5. Be confident and have a great stage presence.
6. Steal the spotlight on speaking up with charisma and charm.

Emmanuel Alba
Photo Above:L-R (Emmanuel Alba,Cherry Rose Eleazar, Job Danielle Eleazar, Mary Danielle Eleazar, Ms. Althea Rose, Jumawid, Miss Bayabas 2nd Runner up 2010, June Rose Padogdog, Herdencie Alba P.)


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