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Gay Philippines: Gay Synonyms

Top 30 Synonyms of "Gay" in the Philippines!

As considered in the Philippines, the word "GAY" has many synonyms - make it the rare noun - unique as being gay. Basically, the Filipino translation of Gay is "binabae" with respect to the conservative version of ... should I say "Classic Philippines", later then termed as "bakla", the most popular Pinoy / Filipino gay translation.

The following are some synonyms of our root word GAY. It is a dynamic word to consider:
         Atseng, Badaf, Bading, Badinggerzie, Baklush, Bayeng Bagul, Bayot, Beki, Charing, Churvalou, Chuvanis, Darna, Dyesebel, Girlalou, Jokla, Joy / Joya, Kabayo / Kavayu, Mahuyang , Oyot, Paloy, Shoke, Shukling, Sirena, Sireyna, Toyab / Toyabels, Vadash, Veklush, Yotch , Yours, Yoya, Yoyabells
As an archipelago by which has made it as a multi linguistic nation, the so called GAY LINGO (Gay Language) adds up it all, which make it even more plentiful as for its regional differences though. Gay Lingo was originated because of the backbiting manner.(Well, that's the truth guys!)

Updated: 09.24.2015
Nowadays, the most popular other term for Gay in Davao City, Philippines is :"YOURS".
(The above Photo was taken during our Hangout in Cagayan de Oro City -
just a friendship shoot only. A Photo Trip)
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