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The Guest Speaker : Emmanuel Alba

The Guest Speaker : Emmanuel Alba

I was once a Commencement Speaker in my High School Alma Mater which is the Tidman National High School in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur to the 1st Senior High School Graduates on April 04, 2018 with my 5 Maxims in life. This, I have used my voice to inspire young ones to a satisfied and grateful persona in me. I consider my 5 Maxims in Life as Cliche, shared to the graduates expounding on how hard life is - hardship should be encountered in order for everyone to be comfortable and to sometimes fail to know what success is all about. Same as sadness be felt to know what happiness means.

A fulfillment I have ever felt as an ordinary individual who struggles  in life - as to inspire others carries through a feeling of wanting dreams come true while to set as an example carries through a feeling of surpassing what has come true. Enough to let everyone be reminded that we are just unique to have our own definition of success.

Yes! I'm not that good in public speaking but I believe Millennial graduates are brilliant that they are just broadminded, so I do hope to influence them in my own little way of spreading words of wisdom.

To be continued .....
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My Six Eleven Global Services' Christmas Party 2017

Like the usual shift of duty, still I was into Human Resource task showed up very early to facilitate the Registration Process and to welcome everyone to the party at WAV Entertainment Central along Ponciano Street., Davao City. It was just another blast intended for Six Eleven Global Services and really an event that proves a fact that BPO industry is for the “young ones”. The Food and Club @ WAV Entertainment Central bestowed enough to everyone's activities during holidays. Six Eleven party-goers were obviously noticeable on the dance floor and at the bar sipping some beer. The dance showdown by Agents and Team Leaders was such one of my most-liked happenings during this 11th year Christmas & Thanksgiving Party last December 16, 2017! Majority of the Six Eleven people prefer to have this kind of celebration compare to the Glam Partying last year which was a big Masquerade Ball in Pinnacle Hotel of Davao City. It is that, Admin & HR Department consider the decision of the many on where and how we celebrate Events!
Personally, I was just overwhelmed by the appreciation of everyone who was there inviting me to join their table and have me on the dance floor having fun even though I’m not really into dancing. I joined them all and some requested if they could have selfie with their Sir Emman Alba. Selfies and Groufies were everywhere as everyone’s accustomed with their own hash tag to post their social media accounts. This time, I missed to have selfie with our Call Center Director Sir William Wijangco (unlike 3 years in a row - 2014, 2015 & 2016). The best selfie I had was with Madam Joji Iligan Bian, the Chairman of the Board of the JIB Group of Companies - where Six Eleven Global Services belongs. Such an overwhelming thing for me was when Maám Joji mentioned my name and posed for a selfie with me and our Admin Head Maám Anafloresa Gelbolingo. I think there’s something in my name that is memorable in Maám Joji Ilagan’s end, as everytime she meets me “she mentions my name”. I could still remember during her birthday celebration last July 2017 when I was one of the Birthday Flowers; she also mentioned my name when I offered her flowers. There was the Christmas Party of the JojiIligan Group of Companies when she also mentioned my name during our Groufie of Six Eleven Admin and HR Department. As simple as that, I consider myself a little bit imperative because she can remember me of “all her thousands people”, and now, I understand why people love her for that and I’m one of them.

That was the second time that Maám Joji declared another “14th month pay”for 3 years to 11 years of good service with Six Eleven Global Services’ people. Once again I’m one of the recipients of this exclusive company’s pay. I have received my two bi-monthly salaries, 13th month and 14th month pays in December to add-up my reserves. Máam Joji’s speech during the party was such to ponder about, humbling herself as a Messenger of her son Sir Mike Hao Bian, CEO of Six Eleven Global Services.
I certainly had so much fun during this 4th time I have with my company year-end celebration especially being with HR Head Maám Marichelle Sabio and my department’s colleagues on the floor dancing and sipping a little. I had a little rave with our Finance Head Sir Allan Christopher Mamaed, my Six Eleven best buddy Accounting Staff Jared James Laforteza, Recruitment Officer Mohammad Muslimin, and HR Sir Ronald Oliveros. The program was hosted by Trainer Mc Jordan Costan, Agent Romnick Taganait and ATL Jethro Gerali. Vice Ganda look-alike were there doing stand-up comedy act which made the party more fun. One of the most anticipated portions was the yearly “12 Days of Christmas Raffle” and some were glad receiving their gadgets, appliances, gift certificates and other luxuries. Party games were enjoyable that everyone was screaming for their team/account/campaign to win; everyone was prepared for their Party’s OOTD (outfit of the day) as it was really a big bang once again for Six Eleven Global Services.
Just another year to be thankful for, as everyone was so amazing even though we have diverse tasks in our company. To my HR Familly headed by Maám Marichelle Sabio, HR Sir Ronald Oliveros, HR Maám Christine Mae Mecina, HR Maám Rose Ann Mabayao, HR Maám Jane Camille Paguia and HR Maám Sheila Casidsid and HR Maám Ma. Donna Mel Olan-olan, “I’m happy to have you around with oneness of thought we’ve made it great”! To Maám Anafloresa Gelbolingo, Maám Marilou Arcega and Maám Febie Jane Adajar, “You have essential role to everyone in our Admin Department”. Sir Allan Christopher Mamaed, Maám Elena Tatel, Maám Margaux Pescadero, Maám Jay Ann Calatraba and Sir Jared James Laforteza, “Thanks we always have great connection with monetary things”. To the Recruitment Department headed by Maám Vanisa Lenogon “I’m just here to help you out!” so with Sir Mohammad “Ham” Muslimin and Maám Andrea Mata. As this 2018 starts, I look forward for great things to happen.

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Human Resource: Payroll Timekeeping Task

       A monetary related task that I’m entirely into careful understanding as it's a big "key" for the accuracy of details to be expedited for Payroll's intent. Before finalizing the Timekeeping Summary, we at HRD(the Human Resource Department) carefully check and review if it’s already furnished because the Salary computation is very sensitive issue for everyone. Most of the employees are already aware of the amount that they are going to receive and have already tried to compute their own salary in advance. The slightest difference from their expected salary and actual Payslip might raise suspicion - which might lead to conflicts with the Human Resource, Employees and Accounting Department.
    In our company, the "Manual Timekeeping" has a lot of advantages in terms of accuracy for computation of some sort of charges like Lates, Absences, Overbreaks, Holidays, Overtime, Government Remittances and many more. I just believe that though there are a lot of new systems / software available everywhere - the automated payroll system, still we need to check manually how it works for our company’s end.
      Though our kind of payroll system is not that new, this is actually perfect as we have great Audit Department and Payroll Masters.
         Our Company's Bio-metrics Timekeeping System really suits my taste because I’m just sensitive and keen to details on Attendance Logs.

Photo below shows when I let the Team leaders check their emails for the sake of the Timekeeping Summary.... Posted it on our Media Tool!
Thanks to our Audit and Accounting Department:
To Sir Allan Mamaed, Maám Elena Tatel, Maám Margaux Pescadero, Maám Jay Ann Calatraba and Sir Jared James Laforteza.
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Six Eleven Global Services: My Designs

These Simple Designs are especially made, modified or enhanced by me in favor of Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions for the Flyers, Stickers for Giveaways/souvenirs, Tarpaulins, Online Ads and many more! Six Eleven Global Services usually approves such simple designs like the following: Updated 02|25|2016

This has only been modified, I only have little effort extended to this!

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#THANKYOU, Six Eleven Global Services!

        It's truly a place for Work and Fun that come together @ Six Eleven Global Services & Solutions, the first Filipino owned Call Center since June 2006 as one employee is very satisfied, happy and grateful to work with this center. He has started being a Call Center Agent last August of 2014 in a Retention Program and then endorsed to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Account/Campaign that boosted his being a Computer savvy person. February of 2016 was really the moment of a Big Bang to him as the great opportunity came when an HR Head/Manager Ma’am Marichelle Sabio escalated to him such good news from the CEO Sir Mike Hao Bian of working at Human Resource Department. The so-called "Equal Opportunity of Employment" is really proven to exist @ Six Eleven especially now that he is at HR Department because his passion to work and his skills or capabilities are truly recognized and boosted more and more.
      Like AIR ASIA, there's a "take off and then fly high" as this person has began to spread his wings and then soar high for his great satisfaction. Truly, when a person is satisfied ... happiness is felt then gratitude follows.
       He truly believes that life is a gratitude to ponder EVERYDAY and the best time to CELEBRATE LIFE is during holiday season.
| Below is a great video of satisfaction, happiness and gratitude from Air Asia Philippines! |

      Because of his designation now - being one of the HR Officers, he caters some concerns of more than a thousand employees of their firm, he also gets to work into Timekeeping tasks, interview applicants especially during Job Fair, register Trainees for their Biometric's Numbers/Signatures (that's for their Attendance) and so much more. That makes him a multi-task employee of Six Eleven Global Services.

      Now, he would like to extend his thanks to the people who especially believe in him @ Six Eleven Global Services:

Sir Mike Hao Bian, CEO
Ma'am Joji Ilagan Bian, Chairman of JIB Group of Companies
Sir William Speis Wijangco, Call Center Director
Ma'am Marichelle Sabio, HR Head
Ma'am Ana Floresa Gelbolingo, Admin Head
Ma'am Vanessa Lenogon, Marketing/Recruitment Head
Sir Allan Mamaed, Finance Head

          This most grateful person I'm referring to is yours truly EMMANUEL ALBA.

Six Eleven Administrators & Human Resource Officers
Six Eleven Administrators, Accounting & Human Resource Officers
L-R: Vanisa Lenogon, Rachel Valenzon, William Speis Wijangco,
Mc Angelo Mulit, Jane Camille Paguia, Marichelle Sabio,
 Joji Ilagan Bian, Ana Floresa Gelbolingo,James Jared Laforteza,
Emmanuel Alba, Rose Ann Mabayao, Marilou Arcega,
Christine Mecina, Andrea Mata

Emmanuel Alba
Emmanuel Alba

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Christmas Party with Six Eleven Global Services | Contact Center

      I have just attended our Company’s Christmas Celebration for two years in a row with dissimilar Partying and Theme to put side by side and add up memoirs on my end.  The Christmas Party of December 21, 2014 was held at the Grand Menseng Hotel of Davao City with a Formal and Corporate Setting, while a Big Rave in Acropolis Super Club of Davao has just happened on the Saturday Night of December 19, 2015! Truly, Six Eleven Global Services has always been giving everyone some impressive fun to remember.
              Below: Sort of personable selected photos:
Click on here also for the Link of  MY Xmas Party Shots!
Emmanuel Alba

2014: Cecille Baclayon, Contact Center Director Sir William Speis Wijangco
2015: Jane Camille Paguia, Sir William Speis Wijangco, Emmanuel Alba

Six Eleven Global Services Christmas Party 2015

Six Eleven Global Services Christmas Party 2014

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     "The Philippines' Newest Loveteam Sensation"           [Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza]    
AlDub | Credit: GMA Network | www.emmanuelalba.com
AlDub Photo credit: GMA Network Website
     As one of the greatest phenomena in Philippines' Showbiz nowadays, I just don’t know what to write about this Aldub love team since it’s an extra ordinary hit on social media records worldwide. Every # tag on twitter with Aldub sets record and it’s something to talk about every episode of Kalyeserye on Eat Bulaga, a GMA Television Network show!
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Hat Tip | Much Obliged

Above(L-R) Desiree Mae Miller, Patsy Rafols, Geline Cabas. Below(L-R) Ulrich Wagner, Kelvin Perry, Steve Wells
Emmanuel Alba would like to give credits to the people who have been distressed or been in trouble with their time, money and effort in making this site visible online. It maybe cash, donations in kind, debt of gratitude and the likes. I am just thankful for everything. Someday, somehow, you will be paid off by any means. I do not promise anything but I WILL!
  • Miller, Desiree Mae (Bunbury, Western Australia)
  • Rafols, Ryan (Davao City, Philippines)
  • Cabas, Geline (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
  • Hampl-Wagner, Ulrich (Hessen, Germany)
  • Perry, Kelvin (Perth, Australia)
  • Wells, Steve (California, USA)
  • Macarandan, Leah (Cagayan de Oro City, Phils.)
  • Mausisa, Joseph (Manila, Philippines)
  • Salilin, Lucy (Laguna, Philippines)
  • Sumastre, Jakiry (Cebu City, Phils.)

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THROWBACK THURSDAY: With My Family and Relatives, Part 1

[Throwback Thursday originally refers to uploading previous pictures to social networking sites during Thursday. Now, it's other way around for me - UPLOADING on my Website on Thursday]

Emmanuel Alba with Niece and Mom
Cousin Emmalyn and Emmanuel Alba

My Sister with Cousin Ryan and Emmanuel Alba
My Sister with Cousin Shine and Emmanuel Alba
Gay Cousins and Emmanuel Alba
Cousin Shenly and Emmanuel Alba
My Sister, Cousins and Emmanuel Alba

My Sister, my 2nd Family, Emmanuel Alba
My Uncle Monico and Family in Cebu & Emmanuel Alba

Auntie Paulina, Cousins, Mama and Emmanuel Alba
Aunts and Emmanuel Alba
Emmanuel Alba & Job Daniel

Cousin Charlita & Emmanuel Alba
Emmanuel Alba's Childhood Photo
My Sister, Cousins, Mama & Emmanuel Alba

My Sister & Emmanuel Alba

Emmanuel Alba, Cousins & My Sister
My Sister, Cousins and Emmanuel Alba

My Sister, Cousins, Mama & Emmanuel Alba

My Sister, Cousins, Mama & Emmanuel Alba

Emmanuel Alba, my Cousins... on Charlito and Glezel's Wedding, My Cousins
Emmanuel Alba, My Sister, my classmate Maritess & Mama

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A Summer Party To Look Forward To

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www.emmanuelalba.com | SEO Team Summer Getaway 2015 | Six Eleven Global Teleservices
SEO Team Summer Getaway 2015 @ Samal Island
SEO Team is set to have a “Summer Getaway”, a beach party for the Team and Friends (Our so-called Affiliates) this coming May 16 and 17, 2015 (Overnight on 16th) @ Mahan Garden Resort, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte, Philippines. For the 4th time of a Well-documented Event Online. SEO Specialists will escape from a Graveyard Shift milieu to a chilling and sun burning scene. There will be something fun happening at that upcoming party of SEO Department. For the past 3 events we had of 2014, we came up of something and apparently say ”You will never know what will happen next”, statement especially dedicated to the Guests or Affiliates of SEO pertaining to the unexpected things to suddenly happen!
As of writing, SEO Team has 5 agents (Emmanuel Alba, Marichar Montilde, Eric Garcia, Reggie Valmoria and Jane Camille Paguia) with Sir Jeff Vilacote, our Team Leader.
"Confirmed" Affiliates who will be joining us are: George Engada, Kris Olavides, Ohmar Ryan Panumpang, Cheerwin Gutierrez, Patricia Lipana, Mel Brian Agonia Ojendras, Switzerlan Baguio Esnardo, Richard Dandoy, Romnick a.k.a. NJ Nugal Tagnyth on facebook, Dylan Najera and Boyfriend.

What to expect?
  •  Exotic Foods
  • Something Grilled and Roasted 
  •  Thirst Quencher
  •  Unlimited Rice
  • Fun and Naughty Games
  •  Lovely Souvenirs / Giveaways
  •  Raffle Draw
  •  Beverages’ delights
  •  Bonfire
  • SEO 101 thoughts/Knowledge based
  • Magic / Card tricks
  •  Pictorial Booth
SAME as BEFORE: Only 100 Php is the contribution for the Affiliates! That's for foods!

    (Some other activities are subject to change without prior notice)

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    Being Gay is Something

    Emmanuel Alba | www.emmanuelalba.com
    Emmanuel Alba

    What do you think?

    (10 definitions on my end, republished 2015)


    ...something being an instinct impression from other person. To see them by their gestures and speech are some points you could recognize them.

    ...something that people say "it is unnatural". and why is that?

    ...something to decide if you do it freely or by closet. There are some reasons to know why is that? how is that? Well, that's a choice!

    ...something unforgivable to some parents especially father as they expect you to be truly and straightly man. This happens in most of the most family-oriented countries like the Philippines!

    ...something extraordinary to the world of creativity especially fashion, style and beauty stuff. They excel especially in these field of expertise.

    ...something indescribable feeling. Just like heterosexuals, it is what you think it is!

    ...something that you suffer from the so-called identity crisis. During teenage stage, it happens so well!

    ...something you might don't know it's root. Yeah! there are some debates for this issue, that's because life is exactly complicated.

    ...something the public consider a sin. Well, am I right?

    ...something God made them to sacrifice life. I am one.

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    Meet Sir William Speis Wijangco

    Sir William Speis Wijangco  | www.emmanuelalba.com
    Cecile Baclayon, Sir William Speis Wijangco & Emmanuel Alba
           I just can't forget the day I met William Speis Wijangco, Call Center Director of Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions as I didn't expect such heart-warming welcome to his office for a newly employee of our firm. It was exactly 11:30 pm of October 31, 2014, the company’s Halloween Party as we had to wear weird or horrified Halloween costumes. I have worn a plain black attire with fancy pallid make-up portraying Edward Cullen, the vampire of a certain movie roaming around the hallway getting a perfect time to approach Sir William. It was then I believed he went to his office. I said to myself”This is really, is it?” whom with a little anxious of talking to him. Nevertheless, as I went to his office I just conquered that feeling and told him “Sir, I would like to ask your signature on my “vacation leave form” that has already been done because I suffered nausea and vomits during my travel in Cagayan de Oro City”. That was actually a travel sickness dilemma I faced. While handling my documents, he just talked about Cagayan de Oro where I came from and had so many stories about his visit just this very year. He had conversed to me as prompt as he can and talked about our Account/Campaign as if we are just close friends. It was an FC (feeling close) conversation on my end that I have this little hesitation in the first place. I was talking to him in English tongue from the start of the conversation while he was not until he had this hint of pushing me to speak up our own language. What a good feeling when I turned backward and about pace knowing a little bit about our Call Center Director Sir William Speis Wijangco. It was kinda a starstruck atmosphere to me.
    The second time I met Sir William Wijangco was during our Christmas Party 2014 at Grand Menseng Hotel having a little chit chat this time with the Selfie gestures - I say. Of course I'm the one who asked for a picture taking in a grand and perfect angle. (It says in the photo right? Lol). A bit funny thing is that until this writing, he doesn't know he's now publicized via www. emmanuelalba.com.

    Emmanuel Alba
    Cecile Baclayon, Sir William Wijangco & Emmanuel Alba

    This maybe a "No-permission to Post" thing, but I'd like to really do this! 
    Photo Courtesy of Six Eleven Global Services FB Page| Sir William Speis Wijangco | www.emmanuelalba.com

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    SEO Team Celebrates First Year Anniversary!

           Exactly one year ago, a little known SEO Team has been made to adjoin several campaigns of Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions. Agents just come and go in circle to 611 and other BPO companies around Davao City but one thing is for sure “Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions will remain to it’s full blast success”.
          SEO is a Back Office Department or a Campaign (as other BPO company call it “Account”) to be considered in this firm as we are on Marketing Section through online promotional tasks. As a campaign  employees here are subject to be endorsed or deployed to other campaign making us flexible or versatile workforce – it maybe Voice (Inbound/Outbound), Non-voice,  a combination or VA (Virtual Assitant)jobs.
           SEO is an acronym for "Search Engine Optimization" or "Search Engine Optimizer." To mention the few responsibilities: This team provides SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites, performs KEYWORD research with business objectives in optimizing existing content through uncovering new opportunities and make methodical connection with Search Engines, Social Media Networks and Internet Marketing industry trends and developments.
    Emmanuel Alba | www.emmanuelalba.com | SEO Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions
    Designed by: Emmanuel Alba for SEO Team of Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions
              In celebration of its First Year Anniversary, we have just initiated a party at Michiko Garden Resort in Bago Gallera, Davao City last 31st of August, 2014 with the Team and Affiliates who are with other campaigns. Our Team Leader Jefferson Villacote was there facilitated the event together with Emmanuel Alba (Lead Gen/Off Page SEO/Graphic Design), Cecilia Baclayon (Off Page SEO/SEM), Marichar Montilde (SMM/SMO) and Eric Garcia (Off Page SEO/SEM while Mike Daniel Polonan(SMM/Email Mktg.) and Jessica Castaritas (SMO) weren’t able to join us. Special guests include Rheden Moralde, Dylan Najera, Wella Anne Arupo, Mel Mosqueda, Ohmar Ryan Panumpang, Kris Olavides, Ivee Villacote and Jomar Gabinera.
           This event was highlighted with our so-called SEO 101 Brainstorming, Games, Pool scene stuff like swimming, Videoke, Drinking and the Food-trip of course. Certificate of Participation were given so with the token to remember - the Magic Cup. It was a real feel good event to cherish about and we are hoping for a second anniversary time around.
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    ESCAPADE: SEO and Affiliates' Team Building Activity 2.0

           "It was really fun and fantastic!". A dialogue we can describe such an event we had during our so called " ESCAPADE : SEO and Affiliates - The Team Building Activity Part 2" at Sunset Beach Resort of Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte, Philippines which started in the afternoon of June 22 until noon of 23rd of June, 2014. Together with the Team Leader Jefferson Villacote, Call Center Agents of this SEO Department of Six Eleven Global Teleservices and Solutions as of the moment are:
    Emmanuel Alba, Paul Vincent Awiten, Cecilia Baclayon, Jessica Castaritas, Eric Garcia, Rhodalyn Montecillo, Marichar Montilde and Mike Daniel Polonan
           Affiliates and friends who were there for the event include:
    Dylan Najera, Ohmar Ryan, King Rael Amante, George Engada, Ranjel Ortega, Vic Jayson Bagohin, JV Noblefranca, Norvie Pangangaan, Roxine (Mike’s), JV Noblefranca, Richard Montecillo and Jomar Gabinera.
    Escapade: SEO and Affiliates' Team Building Activity Part 2 | www.emmanuelalba.com
    Escapade: SEO and Affiliates' Team Building Activity Part 2
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         Photos selected in here are only captured by Digital Point-and-shoot Cameras and Phones - Something to cherish about.
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