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Snapshots: Davao Crocodile Park

Emmanuel Alba
            Some photographs with my Point-and-shoot camera that I simply call snapshots for a "Photoblog Post" like this. An adventure from Cagayan de Oro City - Anton Rose Inn of Davao City - a  Certain Special Mindanao convention held in a Village of Sasa, Davao City - Davao Crocodile Park.
www.emmanuelalba.com | Davao Crocodile Park
www.emmanuelalba.com | Davao Crocodile Park

         Being one of the key tourist destinations in Davao City, Davao Crocodile Park defines a zoo of exotic plus! Aside from crocodiles, this is where other wild / exotic animals can be found such as monkeys, snakes, birds, bearcats, tigers and various type of reptiles. You gotta visit this place as it's conveniently located along the Diversion Road of Ma-a, in a compound called Riverfront Development City, the farm functions more like a leisure park than a zoo.  Davao Crocodile Park is surounded by restaurants and shops, as well as the so-called Butterfly House.
           An entrance fee of PhP150 for adults and PhP75 for children (2-12 years old) during weekdays is reasonable enough for an exotic adventure. The rate changes on weekends from 3PM onwards: P200 for adults and PhP100 for children.
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My Sutherland Global Services Episode

This maybe another way of promoting such company, but it’s OK for me as I’ve landed this contact center with great stories to tell and it’s my way of extending my gratitude to them. However, I don’t have intension to get back while I’m under contract with my company now. I am just happy with the BPO Company I work with as of the moment.
Sutherland Global Services has given me advantage even from the training days all the way until I went home. I should say, it was an episode of my life rich in adventures! Even from my application period in Cagayan de Oro where they had this "Recruitment Caravan" (Job Fair), I have just so much confidence and guts for I wanted to stay in Davao for another City’s hang about. Well, I spent a whole day with 3 interviews, 2 mock calls and online examinations on Language, Technical and Abstract Reasoning! It was just a strict thing I underwent but I was happy when I was told that I passed those assessments and had a schedule for a trip in Davao the next day. The promise of having a “travel and accommodation package” came true and that was really fun because I had some wave mates of pretty the same individuality (mostly are gays). For more than a hundred who applied, we were only 16 who especially have given a chance to be brought to Davao at that certain midnight of Sunday! From Cagayan de Oro City, we travelled almost whole night reaching Davao City at St. Camillus Dormitel along Bajada St., Davao City. Just a great feeling to get to know my wave mates all the way from that travel until nowadays for keeping in touch online and in person. My Davao journey just began at Sutherland Global Services with so much to tell. Contact center really brings out the best I should ever diversify as a silent-type person. Sutherland Global Services has given me an experience to ponder about Business Process Outsourcing industry - getting acquainted with colleagues, having accustomed with EOP (English Only Policy), taking calls with empathy, being prompt to any schedules, conscious with grammar, aware about equal opportunity of employment and being professional.
        In Call Centers, people may come and go and I just did it to Sutherland Global Services. As of writing since I'm not at Suth anymore, they rung me 3 times for employment with them.

Sutherland Global Services of Davao is conveniently located at Luisa Square IT Bldg, Villamor St cor Jacinto Ext, Davao City, 8000 Philippines.

Updated: |06|26|2015|
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Six Eleven Managers, First Three

Mc Jordan Costan, Jefferson Villacote, Annie de Castro | www.emmanuelalba.com | Six Eleven Global Teleservices Training Managers
(L-R) Mc Jordan Costan, Jefferson Villacote, Annie de Castro

Mc Jordan Costan, the Tough One!

       A  Training Manager with so much to put forward in terms of English Communication skills - especially in an American way as he can make you apprehend some core techniques in a BPO/Contact Center industry. Being a trainer, he has the strategic responsibility for the trainees to be deployed in any Campaign/Account that best fit to them.  He is an intelligent person who is fond of making fun to the trainees on some little naughty stuff and other bearable bullying topics. No dull moments at all when you’re with this really considered a Tough One! Mc Jordan Costan, Training Manager of Six Eleven Global Teleservices.


Jefferson Villacote, Conquers  All

      A Support Group Manager / Team Leader of SEO, Inbound and Outbound Campaigns with a strong personality that can motivate one to focus on any endeavor / task assigned. He can be considered the epitome of being hardworking person conquering any state preceded. It’s the Personality and Attitudes really rule more! If we talk about management! For him, to value duties and responsibilities is to value your goals and targets for the future. Jefferson Villacote, really conquers all! Now at Six Eleven Global Teleservices and Solutions, a Call Center in Davao City.


Annie de Castro, Look up to!

      Personally, I’ve never been into conversation with this pretty known trainer from JIB Academy, a sister company of Six Eleven Global Teleservices but my colleagues are her students who are the living proof for her being a great story telling intellect. She can provide counseling support especially to the heartbroken people with some little humor on it. She can motivate others for the right track on careers, lovelife and little touch of spiritual beliefs. A business minded one and someone to look up to!


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A Summer Party To Look Forward To

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www.emmanuelalba.com | SEO Team Summer Getaway 2015 | Six Eleven Global Teleservices
SEO Team Summer Getaway 2015 @ Samal Island
SEO Team is set to have a “Summer Getaway”, a beach party for the Team and Friends (Our so-called Affiliates) this coming May 16 and 17, 2015 (Overnight on 16th) @ Mahan Garden Resort, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte, Philippines. For the 4th time of a Well-documented Event Online. SEO Specialists will escape from a Graveyard Shift milieu to a chilling and sun burning scene. There will be something fun happening at that upcoming party of SEO Department. For the past 3 events we had of 2014, we came up of something and apparently say ”You will never know what will happen next”, statement especially dedicated to the Guests or Affiliates of SEO pertaining to the unexpected things to suddenly happen!
As of writing, SEO Team has 5 agents (Emmanuel Alba, Marichar Montilde, Eric Garcia, Reggie Valmoria and Jane Camille Paguia) with Sir Jeff Vilacote, our Team Leader.
"Confirmed" Affiliates who will be joining us are: George Engada, Kris Olavides, Ohmar Ryan Panumpang, Cheerwin Gutierrez, Patricia Lipana, Mel Brian Agonia Ojendras, Switzerlan Baguio Esnardo, Richard Dandoy, Romnick a.k.a. NJ Nugal Tagnyth on facebook, Dylan Najera and Boyfriend.

What to expect?
  •  Exotic Foods
  • Something Grilled and Roasted 
  •  Thirst Quencher
  •  Unlimited Rice
  • Fun and Naughty Games
  •  Lovely Souvenirs / Giveaways
  •  Raffle Draw
  •  Beverages’ delights
  •  Bonfire
  • SEO 101 thoughts/Knowledge based
  • Magic / Card tricks
  •  Pictorial Booth
SAME as BEFORE: Only 100 Php is the contribution for the Affiliates! That's for foods!

    (Some other activities are subject to change without prior notice)

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    SEO Team Celebrates First Year Anniversary!

           Exactly one year ago, a little known SEO Team has been made to adjoin several campaigns of Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions. Agents just come and go in circle to 611 and other BPO companies around Davao City but one thing is for sure “Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions will remain to it’s full blast success”.
          SEO is a Back Office Department or a Campaign (as other BPO company call it “Account”) to be considered in this firm as we are on Marketing Section through online promotional tasks. As a campaign  employees here are subject to be endorsed or deployed to other campaign making us flexible or versatile workforce – it maybe Voice (Inbound/Outbound), Non-voice,  a combination or VA (Virtual Assitant)jobs.
           SEO is an acronym for "Search Engine Optimization" or "Search Engine Optimizer." To mention the few responsibilities: This team provides SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites, performs KEYWORD research with business objectives in optimizing existing content through uncovering new opportunities and make methodical connection with Search Engines, Social Media Networks and Internet Marketing industry trends and developments.
    Emmanuel Alba | www.emmanuelalba.com | SEO Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions
    Designed by: Emmanuel Alba for SEO Team of Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions
              In celebration of its First Year Anniversary, we have just initiated a party at Michiko Garden Resort in Bago Gallera, Davao City last 31st of August, 2014 with the Team and Affiliates who are with other campaigns. Our Team Leader Jefferson Villacote was there facilitated the event together with Emmanuel Alba (Lead Gen/Off Page SEO/Graphic Design), Cecilia Baclayon (Off Page SEO/SEM), Marichar Montilde (SMM/SMO) and Eric Garcia (Off Page SEO/SEM while Mike Daniel Polonan(SMM/Email Mktg.) and Jessica Castaritas (SMO) weren’t able to join us. Special guests include Rheden Moralde, Dylan Najera, Wella Anne Arupo, Mel Mosqueda, Ohmar Ryan Panumpang, Kris Olavides, Ivee Villacote and Jomar Gabinera.
           This event was highlighted with our so-called SEO 101 Brainstorming, Games, Pool scene stuff like swimming, Videoke, Drinking and the Food-trip of course. Certificate of Participation were given so with the token to remember - the Magic Cup. It was a real feel good event to cherish about and we are hoping for a second anniversary time around.
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