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My Involvement in ''Araw ng Davao 2017''!

#ArawNgDavao2017 #Happy80thArawNgDavao

Having my first involvement in Araw ng Davao on its 80th celebration, it's just something to be pleased with. Our company, Six Eleven Global Services has just joined the Parade with great pride and we, at the Human Resource and Administration Department were the participants for such. It's the first time of our company to join this event after more than a decade of existence here in Davao City. It's even overwhelming that I was gladly ambushed for an interview with the media from Abs-Cbn Radio's Karenyosa.

Here's the CONVO:

Karenyosa: Hi! You are?
Emman: Hello! I'm Emman of Six Eleven Global Services... We are actually waiting for our queue here.... (LOL) (I mean to this parade...)
Karenyosa: What do you think are the contributions of your company to Davao City?
Emman: The investments from abroad to here and we get to help out Davaoeños for employment.
Karenyosa: How many employees do you have now?
Emman: We are more than a thousand employees and we're actually growing....
Karenyosa: Is this your first time to join this parade?
Our HR Head Maám Marichelle: Yes it's our first time..! LOL

Emman: (tongue-tied) hahaha

Here's a video Link : Ambush Interview

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Snapshots: Davao Crocodile Park

Emmanuel Alba
            Some photographs with my Point-and-shoot camera that I simply call snapshots for a "Photoblog Post" like this. An adventure from Cagayan de Oro City - Anton Rose Inn of Davao City - a  Certain Special Mindanao convention held in a Village of Sasa, Davao City - Davao Crocodile Park.
www.emmanuelalba.com | Davao Crocodile Park
www.emmanuelalba.com | Davao Crocodile Park

         Being one of the key tourist destinations in Davao City, Davao Crocodile Park defines a zoo of exotic plus! Aside from crocodiles, this is where other wild / exotic animals can be found such as monkeys, snakes, birds, bearcats, tigers and various type of reptiles. You gotta visit this place as it's conveniently located along the Diversion Road of Ma-a, in a compound called Riverfront Development City, the farm functions more like a leisure park than a zoo.  Davao Crocodile Park is surounded by restaurants and shops, as well as the so-called Butterfly House.
           An entrance fee of PhP150 for adults and PhP75 for children (2-12 years old) during weekdays is reasonable enough for an exotic adventure. The rate changes on weekends from 3PM onwards: P200 for adults and PhP100 for children.
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Waterworld Beach Resort, a Water Park of Fun

Waterworld Beach Resort
Bago Aplaya, Dumoy
Toril, Davao City 

     That's the exact location of such one of the best beach and pool destinations in Davao City highlighting beautiful slides in the center of the resort fronting along the seashore providing perfect view of the sea especially during sunrise and sundown. Entrance free for kids under 3 years old is free and the regular rate of PhP 100 applies for 3 years old and above. This charge rate includes the use of pools, slides, cottages (subject to availability) and overnight stay.  You can really get what you paid for, as you can enjoy it until the next day when you do overnight hangout in here on your choice of fun - like videoke, drinking or do swimming (pool opens in the morning until midnight only).
Here are some other details:

Hotel Rooms:
  • AC PhP 990 Good for Four
  • Non AC PhP 640 Good for Two
  • Presidential PhP 1,500 Good for Four
  • Dormitory 160/person
  • Minimum 15 persons, Max 20 persons
  • Use of AC PhP 500
  • Check Inn 2:00 PM
  • Check out 12:00 noon next day
  • Function Room PhP 1,050 for 24 Hours
Other Details:
  • No Corkage Fee for food and drinks.
  • No food or drinks allowed if you go out and re-enter the premises.
  • Restaurant and canteen available inside at very reasonable price
  • Since they have ample number of Karaoke machines inside, sound systems and loud speakers will be charged PhP 500 each system.
  • Proper swimming attire is recommended. No metal buttons or zippers allowed in the swimming area and slide
  • For everybody’s safety, please familiarize yourself with the disclaimer at the entrance before you enter the premises
Waterworld Beach Resort Panoramic View

       Select Photos below were taken during our overnight stay at Waterworld Beach Resort in Davao City with Cecile Baclayon, Dylan Najera, Peterson Tagra and Norman Guerra.
(L-R) Emmanuel Alba, Cecille Baclayon, Dylan Najera, Peterson Tagra

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Meet Sir William Speis Wijangco

Sir William Speis Wijangco  | www.emmanuelalba.com
Cecile Baclayon, Sir William Speis Wijangco & Emmanuel Alba
       I just can't forget the day I met William Speis Wijangco, Call Center Director of Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions as I didn't expect such heart-warming welcome to his office for a newly employee of our firm. It was exactly 11:30 pm of October 31, 2014, the company’s Halloween Party as we had to wear weird or horrified Halloween costumes. I have worn a plain black attire with fancy pallid make-up portraying Edward Cullen, the vampire of a certain movie roaming around the hallway getting a perfect time to approach Sir William. It was then I believed he went to his office. I said to myself”This is really, is it?” whom with a little anxious of talking to him. Nevertheless, as I went to his office I just conquered that feeling and told him “Sir, I would like to ask your signature on my “vacation leave form” that has already been done because I suffered nausea and vomits during my travel in Cagayan de Oro City”. That was actually a travel sickness dilemma I faced. While handling my documents, he just talked about Cagayan de Oro where I came from and had so many stories about his visit just this very year. He had conversed to me as prompt as he can and talked about our Account/Campaign as if we are just close friends. It was an FC (feeling close) conversation on my end that I have this little hesitation in the first place. I was talking to him in English tongue from the start of the conversation while he was not until he had this hint of pushing me to speak up our own language. What a good feeling when I turned backward and about pace knowing a little bit about our Call Center Director Sir William Speis Wijangco. It was kinda a starstruck atmosphere to me.
The second time I met Sir William Wijangco was during our Christmas Party 2014 at Grand Menseng Hotel having a little chit chat this time with the Selfie gestures - I say. Of course I'm the one who asked for a picture taking in a grand and perfect angle. (It says in the photo right? Lol). A bit funny thing is that until this writing, he doesn't know he's now publicized via www. emmanuelalba.com.

Emmanuel Alba
Cecile Baclayon, Sir William Wijangco & Emmanuel Alba

This maybe a "No-permission to Post" thing, but I'd like to really do this! 
Photo Courtesy of Six Eleven Global Services FB Page| Sir William Speis Wijangco | www.emmanuelalba.com

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