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CDOBloggers Christmas Outreach Program 2011


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Blogging: Why Not?

Emmanuel Alba
              Being a breakthrough invention throughout the history, the Internet is one of the reasons why I studied Computer Science way back in college. The idea came with the thoughts to be good in Computer Programming, Graphic Designing and Web Development, BUT that was it - it never became a big impact to me – that’s because there were circumstances that can’t be avoided.(Obviously, not serious in that endeavor).…. Yeah I know guys! That was the waste of time that I should have given my best shot. So hard back then!        
          Anyway, everything is never too late; I was inspired by my classmate Ms. ChiQ Montes to be into Blogging even before Cdobloggers Inc. started 3 years ago as an organization. She’s just simply brilliant. One I can’t forget about her when she scrutinized my 6 year-old blog for having a diary-type one. Yeah it was and I loved the statement she made.      
       A “Restart of something new” (as I call it) happened just months ago about my way of blogging. – That a newbie does as an option for coming up with good writing. (That’s my money site all about!). There I came up with an insight that blogging is not purely about writing and not everyone in blogging likes to write. Perhaps it is just a plus especially when you have passion in it.
The following are my reasons and pledges being a blogger through my so-called BLOGGING Acronym of action: Why do I blog?

Boosting my capability in writing - as a thinker, consider planning as an investment of time to come up with good ideas.

Let be friendly or sociable online. - by welcoming new ideas, posting other venues for advertising and be persevere.

Offering time to myself in blogging for I can be satisfied and be happy with my personal flair and imagination.

Grasp knowledge in any aspects of life through being flexible in any cause.

Growing into my blog – expecting somehow I will be good into this field.

Indulge wider horizon virtually and personally.

Neverending learning process as they say it, a definition to myself.

Generate money as well! Why Not?

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64th PAL Interclub Golf Tournament

Emmanuel Alba
With us is the President of the Bay Area Golf Club of California Sir Victor Manuel Benitez.(Girls from left: Cherry, Jonna and Kathleen)
          This year's biggest Sporting Event in Cagayan de Oro City is just a huge success! Being the most prestigious and the country's most attended golf tournament, it has been attended by more than 700 Participants of 167 teams of Senior's and Men's Regular Division from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Middle East and of course the Philippines. The Del Monte Golf Club is the Overall Championship Winner for the Regular Men's Division and the Canlubang Golf Club for the Seniors' Division.
        This Philippine Airlines crucial event of Sports was held from February 17 to 26, 2011. It is the oldest continuous golf team tournament in the country and has been called the "de facto" national club championship of the country for it is here that the critical mass of golf clubs annually send their best players to compete for the coveted overall championship trophy.  This de facto tag is more an indictment of the state of Philippine Golf because there is no other tournament that exists with this format since it shows that no efforts have been made by National Golf Association of the Philippines or anybody else to organize anything that can be called a truly national golf team championship.
     It is every 3 years that Cagayan de Oro's the event place of the tournament - in Pueblo de Oro and Del Monte in Bukidnon! The Awards Night for Men's Division were attended by Government Officials .: City Councilor Ramon G. Tabor of Cagayan de Oro City and Provincial Governor Alex Calingasan of Bukidnon.

From L-R: Emmanuel Alba, Mj Lagrada, Kathleen Sino, Sir Andy, Ma'am Virginia, Cherry, Sir Fred

The Grand Championship Winner of Seniors' Division, the Canlubang Golf Club (with two celebrity guests Diana Jimenez and Pauline Luna).
                             Seniors' Division Awards Night

The Bay Area of California Golf Club Guys(from left: Sir Jun Cereca, Sir Dakila Baltazar, Sir Victor Manuel Benitez, Sir Tony Albaniel, Sir Ed and Sir Fred Santos).

Sir Fred Santos of the Bay Area Golf Club accepting the Award.



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IN PHOTOS: Bay Area Golf Club on the 64th PAL Interclub Golf Tournament

Just posting some photos here, bonding with the rich and famous men of Bay Area Golf Club of California! Sir Andy and Sir Fred considered me as an online correspondent. Thanks for such wonderful moments with you guys!
Emmanuel Alba
Emmanuel Alba

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Mini Blogging 101 @ Starbucks

         Chiq is such someone to admire of being a Blog Savvy, I cannot find a right word to describe her, - maybe simply "Wise". She was my classmate way back early 2000's at AMA University - Cagayan de Oro, the subject was about Web Development. I rarely saw her in our class (always absent!) but then she knows exactly  more than our instructor did!
She did demos and the likes... that our class cannot even relate those advanced topics in our subject.... that was really amazing!......

That's why this Mini Blogging 101 is an informative "meet" because of ChiQ Montes, the Wise! It's a no no wonder why Chiq Montes is successful.

           The highlight of  this Mini Blogging 101's the topic on monetizing our blogs!

           For this,  " I Salute To You Ms. Chiq Montes! " .

Emmanuel Alba | www.emmanuelalba.com

Emmanuel Alba | www.emmanuelalba.com

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CDOBloggers: Welcoming!

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CDO Bloggers: Welcoming!

          In joining an established organization as such of CDO Bloggers, hesitation can’t be avoided when you get caught with your own thoughts of exposing your true identity and worrying about the impressions of others. On your first meeting, you seem to think and act not with your own social norms that may vary up with awkwardness and annoyance. Everything’s gonna be fine when you have guts to pursue your means and  when you have that so-called coolness that flows naturally in you. Thus, believing in yourself that you fit in the organization is one thought that can thrive it all.
          As a newcomer, it is understood that you need to adjust things and do some research about a commitment you are about to enter. It is that you are joining the organization for variety of reasons. In CDO Bloggers, the two top reasons I have in mind are the task concerns motivation about the blogging activities and the inclusion to establish identity with our organization. It is in CDO Bloggers that refers to the idea that two heads (or more) are better than one, which then working together and make it a synergy of success.
          Welcoming here is a doorway of getting within the circle, towards our own Media for the achievement of our Mission and Vision. It is in here that your power to write independently will lead to exploit being unaware of the future anticipation. You can just then say that the fond of blogging is real fun and fantastic.
          For these, I must say, “Thank you very much CDO Bloggers!”

Emmanuel Alba
Emmanuel Alba & co-CDOBloggers

CdoBloggers Logo
(Emmanuel Alba, ChiQ Montes, Ms. Emz)

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Gay Philippines: Gay Synonyms

Top 30 Synonyms of "Gay" in the Philippines!

As considered in the Philippines, the word "GAY" has many synonyms - make it the rare noun - unique as being gay. Basically, the Filipino translation of Gay is "binabae" with respect to the conservative version of ... should I say "Classic Philippines", later then termed as "bakla", the most popular Pinoy / Filipino gay translation.

The following are some synonyms of our root word GAY. It is a dynamic word to consider:
         Atseng, Badaf, Bading, Badinggerzie, Baklush, Bayeng Bagul, Bayot, Beki, Charing, Churvalou, Chuvanis, Darna, Dyesebel, Girlalou, Jokla, Joy / Joya, Kabayo / Kavayu, Mahuyang , Oyot, Paloy, Shoke, Shukling, Sirena, Sireyna, Toyab / Toyabels, Vadash, Veklush, Yotch , Yours, Yoya, Yoyabells
As an archipelago by which has made it as a multi linguistic nation, the so called GAY LINGO (Gay Language) adds up it all, which make it even more plentiful as for its regional differences though. Gay Lingo was originated because of the backbiting manner.(Well, that's the truth guys!)

Updated: 09.24.2015
Nowadays, the most popular other term for Gay in Davao City, Philippines is :"YOURS".
(The above Photo was taken during our Hangout in Cagayan de Oro City -
just a friendship shoot only. A Photo Trip)
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Mentoring Beauty Pageant's Q & A

    Being an accustomed competition that involves personality, talent and intelligence (which usually being measured through Q & A), it is for the candidates to come up with the most persuasive and the brightest ideas on stage with so much confidence conveying the public and the judges. As a celebration of beauty – as they say, it could be a perfect campaign for social awareness in any social issues that are tackled in most of the Beauty Pageant's Question and Answer Portion.
     During this celebration we have in our Barangay Bayabas, Cagayan de Oro City; we have just made it for our candidate in achieving such goal for the Final Q & A Portion. I was the one mentoring our candidate Althea Rose Jumawid in the brainstorming of the possible questions to come up. 

TIPS on Question and Answer Portion! [The Web Cycle Way]
1. Starting the statement should create an impression and expression of intelligence, confidence - Like showing off that you have the aura to answer it flawlessly.
2. Conquer the so-called stage fright while you are in the midst of that center of attraction. 
3. Assemble or swiftly formulate a specific answer that would have a great impact to the audience and judges.
4. Have a great conviction of the answer and share an unforgettable mark on your statement as much as you can.
5. Be confident and have a great stage presence.
6. Steal the spotlight on speaking up with charisma and charm.

Emmanuel Alba
Photo Above:L-R (Emmanuel Alba,Cherry Rose Eleazar, Job Danielle Eleazar, Mary Danielle Eleazar, Ms. Althea Rose, Jumawid, Miss Bayabas 2nd Runner up 2010, June Rose Padogdog, Herdencie Alba P.)


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AMA University, My Choice

           The school of knowledge about Computer Networking and Programming. AMA - Cagayan de Oro is my choice as it offers a lot about computer world. As per known, AMA Computer University is the first and largest ICT University in Asia with an annual student population of 150,000 and more than 200 campuses in the Philippines and other parts of the world. As the pioneer of computer education in the Philippines, it was the first to offer courses in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, the first to offer e-Learning, the first to provide one-to-one student-to-computer ratio, the first computer university to offer Mechatronics, the first school in the Philippines to have received ISO 9001 Certification, the first Premier Education Partner of Microsoft, the first and exclusive training partner of Avaya, and the first to branch out to key cities and municipalities in the Philippines.
            To date, only AMA has developed on-line learning in the Philippines. It is also the first school in the country that is developing a University town comparable to Harvard, MIT and others in the world.
Since its establishment in 1980, AMA has graduated more than 160,000 students who are now gainfully employed in top IT companies all over the world, a development that made a name for the Philippines as the leading provider of competent computer manpower in Asia.
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         The success of the Region 10 - IT Olympiad of AMA-Cagayan de Oro Campus merits a lot for the faculty, students and staff for it has done so simply amazing. It was held at the atrium of SM City Cagayan de Oro last Friday afternoon, 24th of February 2006. As expected, bigger crowd in this year’s IT Olympiad, an information technology competition-a quiz bee-type of contest focusing largely on Information Technology trends / computer world.

          AMA Education System offers 1 million worth of prizes, in both cash and scholarships. It's open to all public and private high school students who must form a team of four for every school, but here in Cagayan de oro, there were only three members each team. The contest was divided into regional and national levels. The winning school in the regional levels has just received 17,000 pesos. The champion at the national level will soon receive 155,000 pesos in cash plus a half-year trimester full scholarship grant in AMAES. The regional level contests will be held from February 1 to 28 while the national championship is scheduled for March 10 in Manila.

          In Cagayan de Oro Campus, top of the leaders are Mr. Peter Bacaling and Engr. Rosalio Pana, both School Director and Dean. IT Head Daniel Arellano was supposedly the over-all committee for the said event but sad to say Mr. Arellano was admitted to the hospital two days prior to the Olympiad. Audience really liked to witness the competition especially that the two emcees Mr. Rynner O. Ranario and Ms. Vanessa Mae R. Maagad were excellent enough to manage such Olympiad. The event showcased the talents of AMA students in dancing and singing as well.

         The IT OLYMPIAD CHAMPION of Region 10 title goes to the PHILIPPINE SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL of Tubod, Lanao del Norte which composes their best senior high school Jose Saberon, Mardee Rabosa and Ann Selisana. The second placer is Holycross of Bukidnon and followed by the Cagayan de Oro-based school KONG HUA of Kauswagan as the 3rd placer.

          It was entertaining, educating and challenging that can really bring Information Technology to the fore. The questions were bit hard that surely make IT students realize how important to be forced to the determination of learning. Thus, AMA University really leads the entire nation of letting the students be excellent in the field of Information and Communication Technology. Its success marks another path of excellence.

By: Emmanuel Alba 

Published: 02/25/2006  
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