My Life: The Beginning
          As my grandfather has chosen “Emmanuel” as my First Name, I'm always reminded that “God Is With Us” ALL THE TIME! - that things just come and go into my life, these are all “His Will” for me to face the world with my own beliefs, challenges, dreams and principles. That’s the meaning of my name and me as a whole....... Tbc

My Education: My Career Pathway

      Childhood days for me is feel-good to remember for the ignorance naturally cultivated into curiosity - that education, a gift from my offspring ever make my ignorance folds into awareness. Grade school years - full of kid's stuff being the especial memory ever to cherish. As poverty being not a hindrance to success and health is not a factor at all, I’ve got the highest rank among who graduated in Grade school way back then. A little reward I offered my family – consistent Number One on the class ending up 'A Class Valedictorian'.
      Secondary education - my time of identity crisis, physical discovery of weaknesses and strengths by which still manage to survive in school. Discovery of one's uniqueness to others - as it is, no wonder it should have been the crucial foundation of learning, sad to note that some trials and tribulations came in. That was also a bully period I suffered from schoolmates. I ended up graduating With Honors but the Highest Scorer of NSAT (National Secondary Assessment Test - Philippines) among the graduates of my school and the only one who passed every academic scholarship programs offered in college. Though passed all schools' scholarship programs, the begging and craving of little opportunity of survival to hindrances still cannot be avoided. The fear of being alone and some other factors affected my scholastic records.

        Entering freshman of college as an independent student was a great challenge that I didn't succeed, especially studying in Mindanao State University -IIT a far place from my home, grabbing the opportunity of scholarship. Teasing for what course to be taken, I’ve got to enroll in Asian College of Science and Technology that didn't still work out. Next is Liceo de Cagayan University as an Accountancy student a success on my sophomore point. The field of Computer Science and Information Technology is really meant for me; finally I ended up AMA Computer University, a great success to consider. In computer (especially in programming), as long as there's a way, I don't stop until it runs. Late blooming is not a big deal for me that it provides so much time to prepare for the ultimate success, as long as there are hopes and determinations


My Family: I Live For