My Ultimate Bestfriend, Leah Macarandan

       Leah Macarandan is my Ultimate Bestfriend! This is my tag for her being the one who understands me from the very start of our friendship way back 2005 until maybe the time will through :). I couldn't find any arguments, any misunderstandings and the likes that ever happen with our closeness. This gal is very down to earth although she has every possessions or wealth in life with the most influential family in their city, she’s the most understanding girl I ever know to a person in me or like me. (being gay too).
Emmanuel Alba | Leah Macarandan |
Emman, Leah, Mom Agnes, Leslie Anne
        We shared a lot of moments in our college days that I ever cherish for the rest of my life! Well, as an “emo” one, I treasure a lot of it and more! There are many things a take pleasure in such friendship we have and I just love it so much. I take pride in every new people I meet and mirror up my Ultimate Bestfriend, Leah Macarandan to be just like them too, but everyone is unique as Leah’s the one I have. College days at AMA University would never be worthwhile for me without Leah all the way from my highest and lowest moments.

         I have a lot of debt of gratitude to this Bestfriend of mine. One of those is all about Beauty Tips that I mimic from her as an artist and fashion guru! I was never into make-up until I met this girl who introduced me to like such power of beauty enhancement. Such a realization in my part that gay should have this interest as well. Gay Lingo? Well, she’s the one who taught me such gay stuff very nicely and liking me to connect with other gay friends she has. What a wonderful friend! Right? Furthermore, I was that very thin! (to the extent that my face was so bony), but because of her, I was able to explore and discover how to be a little bit prettier than ever before. What’s the secret? Well, just the 2 of us can tell! Lol