DBS Nautical Christmas 2019: My Kind to Seize the Day!

It was just another blast with Davao Bloggers Society on its Nautical Christmas 2019, the get-together extraordinaire. Dressing up in nautical style is somewhat remarkable for a Christmas party theme and this can merely distinct the Davao Bloggers Society by which a persistent variation of theme happens every year.
For me, the “DBS Nautical Christmas 2019: Seas the Day” has two connotations to count. First is “Seas the Day” that of seeing everyone with the element relating to sea, maritime, navigation and the likes.  Of course, everyone dressed up according to their own style, a way of expressing fashion for that reason. Second is that, I could see by the homonym of “Seize the Day” that is meant to live for the moment of enjoyment with purpose. Hence, everyone has truly let to seize the day.
Showing Up my Smart Nautical Attire
That very day happened to gather the Davao Bloggers, Vloggers and Influencers to an amazing sail of friendship and thanksgiving last December 07, 2019 at Home Crest Hotel along Walnut Avenue of Ecoland, Davao City, Philippines. As expected, an astonishing event has made that everyone seems to be sailing on the seven seas. Haha… and that some to be wearing like they were naughty! Haha… but, seriously, I enjoyed seeing everyone in different nautical attire. What an amazing night!
Thanks for the Prizes & Giveaways
   Davao Blog Awards 2019 was another highlight of the event recognizing the best blog and blogger, who have best exemplified the ideals of the organization, make it always a push factor for everyone to do best. Athina Angliongto was named as the Blogger of the Year, now on her second year. Simply, well-deserved! That, she seemingly shared me to win a lot of prizes during the raffle draw such as Hydro Flask, Bratpack, Starbucks, HairFood Co, Avon, Jollibee, Asus, Blackwater, Canva and more giveaways from our generous sponsors! That was actually an awkward moment on my end when I was called repeatedly because I won! Oh my, how could that happened? Haha...  Prior to that, it was during the parade of everybody’s outfit that I was just hesitant to show up. Apparently I was shy and there, I thought of walking out…. but I felt I was really able to "find my feet" at DBS, so I joined anyway, with little shyness still. "How was it?” asked myself then.
The Davao Bloggers Society Family

       It’s always my pleasure to join my Davao Bloggers Society family in celebrating the Christmas season every year defining that family is forever. Special occasion like Christmas Party is really best spent with family though even the  whereabouts of each member don’t matter as the connection remains in the core and that is in the family of Davao Bloggers Society. I should say, I have spent a good moment with DBS Nautical Christmas 2019 and that seized my day, after all.

Looking Back: 

       DBS Christmas Party remains to be always anticipated by everyone as year after year changes are just constant. 2016 was all about for young ones, the “The Fairest Night of All” that everyone was enjoying that childhood being. Meanwhile, the party that was with a lot of stars could be remembered as the DBS Grand Christmas Ball 2017 showcasing the Best Gowns & Men’s Formal Wear for that night. Last year, an adventure to the wild world so everyone was getting wild to that concluded “Safari Night”.
Year 2020? Well, let us all anticipate for it!

Thanks to our DBS Nautical Christmas 2019 Sponsors!