The Guest Speaker : Emmanuel Alba

The Guest Speaker : Emmanuel Alba

I was once a Commencement Speaker in my High School Alma Mater which is the Tidman National High School in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur to the 1st Senior High School Graduates on April 04, 2018 with my 5 Maxims in life. This, I have used my voice to inspire young ones to a satisfied and grateful persona in me. I consider my 5 Maxims in Life as Cliche, shared to the graduates expounding on how hard life is - hardship should be encountered in order for everyone to be comfortable and to sometimes fail to know what success is all about. Same as sadness be felt to know what happiness means.

A fulfillment I have ever felt as an ordinary individual who struggles  in life - as to inspire others carries through a feeling of wanting dreams come true while to set as an example carries through a feeling of surpassing what has come true. Enough to let everyone be reminded that we are just unique to have our own definition of success.

Yes! I'm not that good in public speaking but I believe Millennial graduates are brilliant that they are just broadminded, so I do hope to influence them in my own little way of spreading words of wisdom.

To be continued .....