My Six Eleven Global Services' Christmas Party 2017

Like the usual shift of duty, still I was into Human Resource task showed up very early to facilitate the Registration Process and to welcome everyone to the party at WAV Entertainment Central along Ponciano Street., Davao City. It was just another blast intended for Six Eleven Global Services and really an event that proves a fact that BPO industry is for the “young ones”. The Food and Club @ WAV Entertainment Central bestowed enough to everyone's activities during holidays. Six Eleven party-goers were obviously noticeable on the dance floor and at the bar sipping some beer. The dance showdown by Agents and Team Leaders was such one of my most-liked happenings during this 11th year Christmas & Thanksgiving Party last December 16, 2017! Majority of the Six Eleven people prefer to have this kind of celebration compare to the Glam Partying last year which was a big Masquerade Ball in Pinnacle Hotel of Davao City. It is that, Admin & HR Department consider the decision of the many on where and how we celebrate Events!
Personally, I was just overwhelmed by the appreciation of everyone who was there inviting me to join their table and have me on the dance floor having fun even though I’m not really into dancing. I joined them all and some requested if they could have selfie with their Sir Emman Alba. Selfies and Groufies were everywhere as everyone’s accustomed with their own hash tag to post their social media accounts. This time, I missed to have selfie with our Call Center Director Sir William Wijangco (unlike 3 years in a row - 2014, 2015 & 2016). The best selfie I had was with Madam Joji Iligan Bian, the Chairman of the Board of the JIB Group of Companies - where Six Eleven Global Services belongs. Such an overwhelming thing for me was when Maám Joji mentioned my name and posed for a selfie with me and our Admin Head Maám Anafloresa Gelbolingo. I think there’s something in my name that is memorable in Maám Joji Ilagan’s end, as everytime she meets me “she mentions my name”. I could still remember during her birthday celebration last July 2017 when I was one of the Birthday Flowers; she also mentioned my name when I offered her flowers. There was the Christmas Party of the JojiIligan Group of Companies when she also mentioned my name during our Groufie of Six Eleven Admin and HR Department. As simple as that, I consider myself a little bit imperative because she can remember me of “all her thousands people”, and now, I understand why people love her for that and I’m one of them.

That was the second time that Maám Joji declared another “14th month pay”for 3 years to 11 years of good service with Six Eleven Global Services’ people. Once again I’m one of the recipients of this exclusive company’s pay. I have received my two bi-monthly salaries, 13th month and 14th month pays in December to add-up my reserves. Máam Joji’s speech during the party was such to ponder about, humbling herself as a Messenger of her son Sir Mike Hao Bian, CEO of Six Eleven Global Services.
I certainly had so much fun during this 4th time I have with my company year-end celebration especially being with HR Head Maám Marichelle Sabio and my department’s colleagues on the floor dancing and sipping a little. I had a little rave with our Finance Head Sir Allan Christopher Mamaed, my Six Eleven best buddy Accounting Staff Jared James Laforteza, Recruitment Officer Mohammad Muslimin, and HR Sir Ronald Oliveros. The program was hosted by Trainer Mc Jordan Costan, Agent Romnick Taganait and ATL Jethro Gerali. Vice Ganda look-alike were there doing stand-up comedy act which made the party more fun. One of the most anticipated portions was the yearly “12 Days of Christmas Raffle” and some were glad receiving their gadgets, appliances, gift certificates and other luxuries. Party games were enjoyable that everyone was screaming for their team/account/campaign to win; everyone was prepared for their Party’s OOTD (outfit of the day) as it was really a big bang once again for Six Eleven Global Services.
Just another year to be thankful for, as everyone was so amazing even though we have diverse tasks in our company. To my HR Familly headed by Maám Marichelle Sabio, HR Sir Ronald Oliveros, HR Maám Christine Mae Mecina, HR Maám Rose Ann Mabayao, HR Maám Jane Camille Paguia and HR Maám Sheila Casidsid and HR Maám Ma. Donna Mel Olan-olan, “I’m happy to have you around with oneness of thought we’ve made it great”! To Maám Anafloresa Gelbolingo, Maám Marilou Arcega and Maám Febie Jane Adajar, “You have essential role to everyone in our Admin Department”. Sir Allan Christopher Mamaed, Maám Elena Tatel, Maám Margaux Pescadero, Maám Jay Ann Calatraba and Sir Jared James Laforteza, “Thanks we always have great connection with monetary things”. To the Recruitment Department headed by Maám Vanisa Lenogon “I’m just here to help you out!” so with Sir Mohammad “Ham” Muslimin and Maám Andrea Mata. As this 2018 starts, I look forward for great things to happen.