Human Resource: Payroll Timekeeping Task

       A monetary related task that I’m entirely into careful understanding as it's a big "key" for the accuracy of details to be expedited for Payroll's intent. Before finalizing the Timekeeping Summary, we at HRD(the Human Resource Department) carefully check and review if it’s already furnished because the Salary computation is very sensitive issue for everyone. Most of the employees are already aware of the amount that they are going to receive and have already tried to compute their own salary in advance. The slightest difference from their expected salary and actual Payslip might raise suspicion - which might lead to conflicts with the Human Resource, Employees and Accounting Department.
    In our company, the "Manual Timekeeping" has a lot of advantages in terms of accuracy for computation of some sort of charges like Lates, Absences, Overbreaks, Holidays, Overtime, Government Remittances and many more. I just believe that though there are a lot of new systems / software available everywhere - the automated payroll system, still we need to check manually how it works for our company’s end.
      Though our kind of payroll system is not that new, this is actually perfect as we have great Audit Department and Payroll Masters.
         Our Company's Bio-metrics Timekeeping System really suits my taste because I’m just sensitive and keen to details on Attendance Logs.

Photo below shows when I let the Team leaders check their emails for the sake of the Timekeeping Summary.... Posted it on our Media Tool!
Thanks to our Audit and Accounting Department:
To Sir Allan Mamaed, Maám Elena Tatel, Maám Margaux Pescadero, Maám Jay Ann Calatraba and Sir Jared James Laforteza.


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