#THANKYOU, Six Eleven Global Services!

        It's truly a place for Work and Fun that come together @ Six Eleven Global Services & Solutions, the first Filipino owned Call Center since June 2006 as one employee is very satisfied, happy and grateful to work with this center. He has started being a Call Center Agent last August of 2014 in a Retention Program and then endorsed to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Account/Campaign that boosted his being a Computer savvy person. February of 2016 was really the moment of a Big Bang to him as the great opportunity came when an HR Head/Manager Ma’am Marichelle Sabio escalated to him such good news from the CEO Sir Mike Hao Bian of working at Human Resource Department. The so-called "Equal Opportunity of Employment" is really proven to exist @ Six Eleven especially now that he is at HR Department because his passion to work and his skills or capabilities are truly recognized and boosted more and more.
      Like AIR ASIA, there's a "take off and then fly high" as this person has began to spread his wings and then soar high for his great satisfaction. Truly, when a person is satisfied ... happiness is felt then gratitude follows.
       He truly believes that life is a gratitude to ponder EVERYDAY and the best time to CELEBRATE LIFE is during holiday season.
| Below is a great video of satisfaction, happiness and gratitude from Air Asia Philippines! |

      Because of his designation now - being one of the HR Officers, he caters some concerns of more than a thousand employees of their firm, he also gets to work into Timekeeping tasks, interview applicants especially during Job Fair, register Trainees for their Biometric's Numbers/Signatures (that's for their Attendance) and so much more. That makes him a multi-task employee of Six Eleven Global Services.

      Now, he would like to extend his thanks to the people who especially believe in him @ Six Eleven Global Services:

Sir Mike Hao Bian, CEO
Ma'am Joji Ilagan Bian, Chairman of JIB Group of Companies
Sir William Speis Wijangco, Call Center Director
Ma'am Marichelle Sabio, HR Head
Ma'am Ana Floresa Gelbolingo, Admin Head
Ma'am Vanessa Lenogon, Marketing/Recruitment Head
Sir Allan Mamaed, Finance Head

          This most grateful person I'm referring to is yours truly EMMANUEL ALBA.

Six Eleven Administrators & Human Resource Officers
Six Eleven Administrators, Accounting & Human Resource Officers
L-R: Vanisa Lenogon, Rachel Valenzon, William Speis Wijangco,
Mc Angelo Mulit, Jane Camille Paguia, Marichelle Sabio,
 Joji Ilagan Bian, Ana Floresa Gelbolingo,James Jared Laforteza,
Emmanuel Alba, Rose Ann Mabayao, Marilou Arcega,
Christine Mecina, Andrea Mata

Emmanuel Alba
Emmanuel Alba


  1. Yes, you deserve that. Continue spread happiness by doing such things you do. Gratitude will follow. Haha.
    To a smart person like you! Happy Holidays Emman.
    Like me, I was happy working at Six Eleven before that was six months ago.
    Emman, you are my peg as a workaholic one. :-)

  2. Keep up the good job, Emman! All the best for 2017!

    1. Thank you Gurl.. and so with you too!

  3. It's true that when you love your job, you will be recognized and awarded at the right time. Keep soaring, Emman! :)

    1. Correct! hehe:) Thanks a lot Gurl!

  4. wow Emman! i'm truly impressed and inspired by your growth <3

  5. Muchas Gracias mi Amiga Bella Elli! :-) Happy 2017!

  6. More power to you Sir. Great job!!! Btw you have a nice website, wish to have my own domain as well

    1. My pleasure Sir Andrew haha.. now you've found me here lol
      By the way, your name's domain is still available..haha :-)