Davao Bloggers: Fashion Styling 101 Workshop

       Take it from some young experts like Frances Tendencia and Ian Manglicmot of the PWC Fashion Design Program, Davao City - your fashion style would be more trendy and lovely... I should say, some tips they've shared add it up on my way of comfort and confidence.
Yes, I have my own style into "fashion statement" but it differs really on how other people eye on it. Choosing neutral colors on clothing and accessories is one top tip I wanna bear in mind as I'm not that particular for such. Aside from letting it into some mix and match method, it could also save our budget while we look fabulous. Another tip is by Knowing our body type or should I say "structure".... A great impact in me to learn as it defines sizing and how to handle it gracefully. The last tip I wanna remember is all about the design for an appropriate occasion or venue to wear. This, I could think about wearing my corporate attire in the office while a good fashion style exudes myself.

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