My Stand on Marcos' Burial

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It's the President's power to execute the law covers.... [as may say]... ..especially that his primary goal for the country is for the oneness of all, that’s for peace! Personally, I could think that - on his first quarter of presidency, former presidents are given such honor and gratitude no matter what the previous regime has resulted even up to this day. One great example is the Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo’s freedom now! This is really a mark or signal for us to be united even there are some contradictions for such. This next controversy which is letting another former President to be considered as hero would apparently another thing on the idea so-called “debt of gratitude”. For this, I firmly believe that President Rodrigo Duterte really is the man who can let the spirit of being a Filipino come to attest in many ways to the world.
Given that “we can’t please everybody”, the notions from the opposition party on the division of country – maybe in idea or thought, can possibly get an impact to the old generation especially to affected martial law victims. Yes, we can’t avoid such thing because it is not just easy to forget when wounds are not healed still. Anyway, as a young one, I am looking into the brighter side of life on moving forward for everyone’s sake and well being. 
      Such realization for the Marcos' burial is something I am  anticipating for ...