Philippine Elections: As a Counselor of LP- Aksyon Demokratiko Party

      Together with James Stewarth Branzuela, I was once a Counselor of the LP- Aksyon Demokratiko Party of Quezon in Bukidnon during the 2013 National and Local Elections held on May 13, 2013. It was such an honor for us to be handpicked by one of the mayorial candidates in witnessing the actual canvassing of the votes in town level. As a Techie one, I was able to urgently utilize my knowledge and skills to organize things out and successfully render my services especially in Computer and Information Technology. Considering I’m not a registered voter in Bukidnon, it has been a decisive situation that I never thought I could handle with COMELEC [Commission on Elections] and Bukidnon people (I was actually a registered voter in Cagayan de Oro City). With that overnight job, I enjoyed the task assigned to us with lots of understanding about Philippine politics. 
        Before being an Election Counselor of such partisan position, I was one of the campaign facilitators of our church father, Pastor Eleazer Alvarez who ran for a Board Member - 3rd District of Bukidnon. I designed the political posters, flyers, t-shirt print and other political ads so with the giving away tasks during that campaign period with the banner of Liberal Party - Aksyon Demokratiko. I was with those big names in Bukidnon who ran for such National and Local Elections. Few of them include Lynard Allan Bigcas - Governor, Ruth Acosta - Congressman, Mc Neil Acosta - Mayor in Maramag, Supremo Bert Alberto Ramilo - Mayor in Quezon, Dodong Derilo - Mayor in Don Carlos, Atty Jose Joel Doromal - Councilor in Maramag, Atty. Abundio Gaitera - Councilor in Maramag, Sammy Bugas -  Councilor in Maramag, Herbie LumanogBoard Member and Pastor Eleazer Alvarez - Board Member.
         It was like an Outreach Activity I did because aside from giving flyers to the voters, I was also sharing food and beverages especially to the the people whom I think they want or like. I've got a lot to ponder or I mean lots of things I learned out of being exposed to such kind of crowd during election period. Truly, some things really should be exposed, observed or just be hidden as election really a delicate event in the Philippines, though a democratic country!
           Photos below are the  selfies' remains taken through my laptop's good mood itself.(lol) Now, I am nostalgic for this event that I would like to join this task again next National Elections ......

Updated | 10/18/2015: I will be a Campaign Coordinator for the UNA Party of 3rd District Board Member Candidate Pastor Eleazer Alvarez for the coming 2016 National Elections.