EGBOK: Kelvin Perry

Everything’s Going to Be O K:  Kelvin Perry | Emmanuel Alba
Bunel, Kelvin, Daniel, Pastor, E
       Only to realize today that we had such a Long Trip as our rest days were not that really literally rest days! Haha.. From Davao at dawn of Saturday, August 15, 2015 - stopped Maramag, Bukidnon - went ahead to Cagayan de Oro City till afternoon and proceed to Iligan City late afternoon. At night we travelled back all the way straight from Iligan City till we reached Maramag, Bukidnon at midnight of Sunday! That was such a long trip that my Cool best buddy Bunel Butalid missed pictorials of some scenery or great spots especially on highways as I’m in a hiatus of photography nowadays Haha. We’re actually on a companionship of Busipeepz and Professionals together with our very kind-hearted Australian friend Kelvin Perry! Just the 5 of us bonded like we are of the same ages haha surely; I, Emmanuel Alba and Bunel Butalid are such full-grown to mingle professionals like Engr. Daniel Eleazar Sr., Pastor Eleazer Alvarez and Kelvin Perry. | Emmanuel Alba
Kelvin & Emmanuel
The best thing in there is the perfect God’s timing to fetch our Australian friend in Iligan who needs some true friends in times of happiness and misery. Our mission of giving Kelvin Perry a big smile has been reached or I should say achieved and that’s the best part of our weekends’ drive. Perfect Fulfillment, I say.
Personally, I am such a big fan of this guy even the first time I met him last September 2009 because aside from having the best attitude and personality, he’s a philanthropist as well. I just can remember old memories like when he gave a Big Treat/ Party to some orphans (Children’s Joy Foundation of Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City) on the very Christmas Day of 2009 in his house in Corrales Ext., Cagayan de Oro City. Whatta such magnificent thing! | Kelvin Perry
Patrick, Job, Ad-ad, Tisoy & Kelvin

Anyway, this journey of Kelvin Perry marks his next episode of my so-called Start of Something New Life as I describe such thing with his consent haha.. Thank you Kelvin Perry for being a good sports buddy - playing games of life. You are such an inspiration and you touch our lives.

I now say “Everything is gonna be OKAY, Kelvin Perry”.