Hat Tip | Much Obliged

Above(L-R) Desiree Mae Miller, Patsy Rafols, Geline Cabas. Below(L-R) Ulrich Wagner, Kelvin Perry, Steve Wells
Emmanuel Alba would like to give credits to the people who have been distressed or been in trouble with their time, money and effort in making this site visible online. It maybe cash, donations in kind, debt of gratitude and the likes. I am just thankful for everything. Someday, somehow, you will be paid off by any means. I do not promise anything but I WILL!
  • Miller, Desiree Mae (Bunbury, Western Australia)
  • Rafols, Ryan (Davao City, Philippines)
  • Cabas, Geline (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
  • Hampl-Wagner, Ulrich (Hessen, Germany)
  • Perry, Kelvin (Perth, Australia)
  • Wells, Steve (California, USA)
  • Macarandan, Leah (Cagayan de Oro City, Phils.)
  • Mausisa, Joseph (Manila, Philippines)
  • Salilin, Lucy (Laguna, Philippines)
  • Sumastre, Jakiry (Cebu City, Phils.)


  1. nganong naa ko dri healdlines hahaha :)

    1. Published July 25, 2015: I also forgot why! lol :)