No Father Figure

          I do believe that our fate has already been made perfect, no matter what it is - it was meant for us. God never fails for He made us uniquely by His own will. In my case, he just let me live without a Father beside me as a domestic one for guiding me all the way from the start. Me, at the age of two my father passed away and I can never remember what he looked like during those times. Though I can see some of his photographs, but it is really different seeing his moves, facial expressions or gestures personally. Figuring out all these things makes me sad that I only bear it in my mind - loving a person in my imagination. Though there were times I wished for death (not the extent of suicidal) because of sadness and loneliness but with the help of my loving Mama. Grand mama and our Almighty God, those tears disappeared and became an inspiration for survival. I can't stop the death of anyone even my Grand Mama. She passed away in 2005 (another sadness to bear) and this was my greatest grief of all times. It hurts a lot even nowadays, and I think this would be forever as I still can't get over her death.  Even from the very start, my Father's absence is one big emptiness in me. A Father figure is what makes a family complete so as Mother lightens up the home and family.
            My Father would have guided me according to his decision as a Father. He would have been there for me in many times of my life, through thick and thin. He would have been teaching me how to be strong and face the world graciously. He would have moulded me as a man, to be real man.  I would have been there for him as a Son, truly is for his Father until their time is through. He would and I would have been forever in each others' arms - My wish, that will never ever come true, until we are both safe, in the arms of Jesus.
Father and Son |

[Thank you very much to my Australian friend Mr. Newell for helping me out in making this article possibly published].