My Sutherland Global Services Episode

This maybe another way of promoting such company, but it’s OK for me as I’ve landed this contact center with great stories to tell and it’s my way of extending my gratitude to them. However, I don’t have intension to get back while I’m under contract with my company now. I am just happy with the BPO Company I work with as of the moment.
Sutherland Global Services has given me advantage even from the training days all the way until I went home. I should say, it was an episode of my life rich in adventures! Even from my application period in Cagayan de Oro where they had this "Recruitment Caravan" (Job Fair), I have just so much confidence and guts for I wanted to stay in Davao for another City’s hang about. Well, I spent a whole day with 3 interviews, 2 mock calls and online examinations on Language, Technical and Abstract Reasoning! It was just a strict thing I underwent but I was happy when I was told that I passed those assessments and had a schedule for a trip in Davao the next day. The promise of having a “travel and accommodation package” came true and that was really fun because I had some wave mates of pretty the same individuality (mostly are gays). For more than a hundred who applied, we were only 16 who especially have given a chance to be brought to Davao at that certain midnight of Sunday! From Cagayan de Oro City, we travelled almost whole night reaching Davao City at St. Camillus Dormitel along Bajada St., Davao City. Just a great feeling to get to know my wave mates all the way from that travel until nowadays for keeping in touch online and in person. My Davao journey just began at Sutherland Global Services with so much to tell. Contact center really brings out the best I should ever diversify as a silent-type person. Sutherland Global Services has given me an experience to ponder about Business Process Outsourcing industry - getting acquainted with colleagues, having accustomed with EOP (English Only Policy), taking calls with empathy, being prompt to any schedules, conscious with grammar, aware about equal opportunity of employment and being professional.
        In Call Centers, people may come and go and I just did it to Sutherland Global Services. As of writing since I'm not at Suth anymore, they rung me 3 times for employment with them.

Sutherland Global Services of Davao is conveniently located at Luisa Square IT Bldg, Villamor St cor Jacinto Ext, Davao City, 8000 Philippines.

Updated: |06|26|2015|