CDO Bloggers: Welcoming!

          In joining an established organization as such of CDO Bloggers, hesitation can’t be avoided when you get caught with your own thoughts of exposing your true identity and worrying about the impressions of others. On your first meeting, you seem to think and act not with your own social norms that may vary up with awkwardness and annoyance. Everything’s gonna be fine when you have guts to pursue your means and  when you have that so-called coolness that flows naturally in you. Thus, believing in yourself that you fit in the organization is one thought that can thrive it all.
          As a newcomer, it is understood that you need to adjust things and do some research about a commitment you are about to enter. It is that you are joining the organization for variety of reasons. In CDO Bloggers, the two top reasons I have in mind are the task concerns motivation about the blogging activities and the inclusion to establish identity with our organization. It is in CDO Bloggers that refers to the idea that two heads (or more) are better than one, which then working together and make it a synergy of success.
          Welcoming here is a doorway of getting within the circle, towards our own Media for the achievement of our Mission and Vision. It is in here that your power to write independently will lead to exploit being unaware of the future anticipation. You can just then say that the fond of blogging is real fun and fantastic.
          For these, I must say, “Thank you very much CDO Bloggers!”

Emmanuel Alba
Emmanuel Alba & co-CDOBloggers
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