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March 19, 2018

Binibining Pilipinas 2018, Catriona Gray is the "record-breaker”!

         Catriona Gray has just made history in Philippines’ Pageantry being the only Beauty Queen with both titles of Miss World Philippines and Miss Universe Philippines in 2016 and 2018, respectively. In Binibining Pilipinas 2018, she bagged 5 Awards and such of Major 3 are Best in Swimsuit, Best in Long Gown and Best in National Costume. It’s just that – she truly deserves!


        The simplest answer she had ever made so far - to be understandable and complete. No more hypothetical narrative like she answered during the Miss World Pageant 2016. No more “burning torch to illuminate the lives of everyone” but, being strong to influence the community. She really nailed it!
Photo Credits: Official FB Page of Binibining Pilipinas

Ma. Ahtisa Manalo, Open for Criticism!
She fits for the Miss International Pageant as her angelic face promotes Peace and Beauty as she readily accepts criticism and filter it accordingly.

Jehza Huelar, the Millennial Woman with Ambition
For the Pageant best known for Glamour, Fashion and Natural Beauty, this girl can make Davao City proud for Miss Supranational 2018!

Karen Gallman, Supports LGBT Society
She could be the first Miss Intercontinental for the Philippines as Katarina Rodriguez last year ended up 1st Runner-up!

Eva Patalinjug, The Voice for Patriotism
Miss Grand International title for this woman, a Law Student known and mistaken to have a kinda scripted and memorized statements.

Michele Gumabao, No to Fake News
She actually nailed it to the Q & A and hope she can make it for Miss Globe 2018.


For my Fave Thank you Girls Answers:

#BB35 Sandra Lemonon:

        Although she was just honest, she should have come up with an answer that’s in the phrase or ask to expound the question or have another question? What if she did it? ... and why not? It really happens!. She should have reviewed current events and the likes. This girl should join again next year as she has what it takes to be a Binibining Pilipinas Title Holder.

#BB26 Wynonah Buot:

             She’s a Toni Gonzaga fan that she idolizes for the reason of balanced career and family. She should have answered it considering not everyone is Filipino. Tony Gonzaga should credit such!

Miss Universe Philippines 2018: Catriona Gray

Question: “After the devastating war, Marawi is now on its way to recovery. What is your message to the young women of Marawi?”
Answer:“My answer and message to the women [of Marawi] is to be strong. As women, we are the head of the household. And, we have amazing influence not only [on] our own families – as mothers, sisters, and friends – but also [on] our community. If we could get the women to stay strong and be that image of strength for the children and the people around them, once the rebuilding is complete, the morale of the community will stay strong and high.”

Bb Pilipinas International 2018: #17 Ma. Ahtisa Manalo

Question: “How should a beauty queen respond to ruthless criticism?”
Answer:“A beauty queen should always respond to criticism constructively. We beauty queens are public figures. And we put ourselves in the position to be judged. But nonetheless, we should always filter which comments we should accept and what we should not.”

Bb Pilipinas Supranational 2018: Jehza Huelar

Question: “What do you think is the most important quality of a millennial woman?”
Answer:“I think the most important quality a millennial woman have is to have ambition. With her vision, she should have this attitude and perseverance so that she can achieve her goals. And through that vision, she would be able to express herself freely. So, I would hope that all the millennials out here would really adhere to our culture and our tradition so that we can inspire others, we can impact people.”

Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental 2018: Karen Gallman

Question: “Do you agree that a third restroom should be built for transgenders? Why or why not?”
Answer:“I definitely agree there should be a third restroom for transgender because as women, we would like privacy, and also with men. We have a separate room for the transgenders to serve as equality and privatization.”

Bb Pilipinas Grand International 2018:  Eva Patalinjug

Question: “What is the role of beauty queens in the pursuing of our country’s economic success, if any?”
Answer:“A role of the beauty queen is to be a voice. I am here to make a message to all of you. In these times of uncertainty and fear that has seemingly taken over in our country, we have remained steadfast as we face all of the challenges. As a united nation, what we should do is to set aside our political differences, forget our academic and social preferences, and let love and loyalty for our country rise above all…”

Bb Pilipinas Globe 2018: Michele Gumabao

Question: “What can you do to fight fake news?”
Answer:“I know that fake news is very rampant nowadays. But in order to fight this, we must first know what we are reporting, know what we are reading. And at the same time, be accountable with what we say especially online. And I hope that media always filters and use their resources to always deliver truth and authentic news.”

Thank you Girls!

#BB35 Sandra Lemonon

Question:"What are your insights on the government’s Build, Build, Build program?"
Answer:"Actually you know what, I studied so much for this Q&A, but sadly that's something that I don't know really much about. But at least I'm here trying to answer a good question. Thank you."

#BB26 Wynonah Buot

Question: "Name one great Filipino artist you truly admire and why?"
Answer:"One great Filipino artist I truly admire would probably be Toni Gonzaga. Although she is a celebrity and we have a stereotype when it comes to celebrities, I truly admire her because she follows a certain path when it comes to her life. She actually has a successful career, a family, and she did this all by following her parents. And that’s one important thing that we millennials must learn. You will never fail in life when you follow your parents. Thank you."

January 02, 2018

My Six Eleven Global Services' Christmas Party 2017

Like the usual shift of duty, still I was into Human Resource task showed up very early to facilitate the Registration Process and to welcome everyone to the party at WAV Entertainment Central along Ponciano Street., Davao City. It was just another blast intended for Six Eleven Global Services and really an event that proves a fact that BPO industry is for the “young ones”. The Food and Club @ WAV Entertainment Central bestowed enough to everyone's activities during holidays. Six Eleven party-goers were obviously noticeable on the dance floor and at the bar sipping some beer. The dance showdown by Agents and Team Leaders was such one of my most-liked happenings during this 11th year Christmas & Thanksgiving Party last December 16, 2017! Majority of the Six Eleven people prefer to have this kind of celebration compare to the Glam Partying last year which was a big Masquerade Ball in Pinnacle Hotel of Davao City. It is that, Admin & HR Department consider the decision of the many on where and how we celebrate Events!
Personally, I was just overwhelmed by the appreciation of everyone who was there inviting me to join their table and have me on the dance floor having fun even though I’m not really into dancing. I joined them all and some requested if they could have selfie with their Sir Emman Alba. Selfies and Groufies were everywhere as everyone’s accustomed with their own hash tag to post their social media accounts. This time, I missed to have selfie with our Call Center Director Sir William Wijangco (unlike 3 years in a row - 2014, 2015 & 2016). The best selfie I had was with Madam Joji Iligan Bian, the Chairman of the Board of the JIB Group of Companies - where Six Eleven Global Services belongs. Such an overwhelming thing for me was when Maám Joji mentioned my name and posed for a selfie with me and our Admin Head Maám Anafloresa Gelbolingo. I think there’s something in my name that is memorable in Maám Joji Ilagan’s end, as everytime she meets me “she mentions my name”. I could still remember during her birthday celebration last July 2017 when I was one of the Birthday Flowers; she also mentioned my name when I offered her flowers. There was the Christmas Party of the JojiIligan Group of Companies when she also mentioned my name during our Groufie of Six Eleven Admin and HR Department. As simple as that, I consider myself a little bit imperative because she can remember me of “all her thousands people”, and now, I understand why people love her for that and I’m one of them.

That was the second time that Maám Joji declared another “14th month pay”for 3 years to 11 years of good service with Six Eleven Global Services’ people. Once again I’m one of the recipients of this exclusive company’s pay. I have received my two bi-monthly salaries, 13th month and 14th month pays in December to add-up my reserves. Máam Joji’s speech during the party was such to ponder about, humbling herself as a Messenger of her son Sir Mike Hao Bian, CEO of Six Eleven Global Services.
I certainly had so much fun during this 4th time I have with my company year-end celebration especially being wit HR Head Maám Marichelle Sabio and my department’s colleagues on the floor dancing and sipping a little. I had a little rave with our Finance Head Sir Allan Christopher Mamaed, my Six Eleven best buddy Accounting Staff Jared James Laforteza, Recruitment Officer Mohammad Muslimin, and HR Sir Ronald Oliveros. The program was hosted by Trainer Mc Jordan Costan, Agent Romnick Taganait and ATL Jethro Gerali. Vice Ganda look-alike were there doing stand-up comedy act which made the party more fun. One of the most anticipated portions was the yearly “12 Days of Christmas Raffle” and somewere glad receiving their gadgets, appliances, gift certificates and other luxuries.Party games were enjoyable that everyone was screaming for their team/account/campaign to win; everyone was prepared for their Party’s OOTD (outfit of the day) as it was really a big bang once again for Six Eleven Global Services.
Just another year to be thankful for, as everyone was so amazing even though we have diverse tasks in our company. To my HR Familly headed by Maám Marichelle Sabio, HR Sir Ronald Oliveros, HR Maám Christine Mae Mecina, HR Maám Rose Ann Mabayao, HR Maám Jane Camille Paguia and HR Maám Sheila Casidsid and HR Maám Ma. Donna Mel Olan-olan, “I’m happy to have you around with oneness of thought we’ve made it great”! To Maám Anafloresa Gelbolingo, Maám Marilou Arcega and Maám Febie Jane Adajar, “You have essential role to everyone in our Admin Department”. Sir Allan Christopher Mamaed, Maám Elena Tatel, Maám Margaux Pescadero, Maám Jay Ann Calatraba and Sir Jared James Laforteza, “Thanks we always have great connection with monetary things”. To the Recruitment Department headed by Maám Vanisa Lenogon “I’m just here to help you out!” so with Sir Mohammad “Ham” Muslimin and Maám Andrea Mata. As this 2018 starts, I look forward for great things to happen.

October 22, 2017

Human Resource: Payroll Timekeeping Task

       This, a monetary related task that I’m entirely into careful understanding for which the accuracy of details should be the key. As much as possible, before sending the Timekeeping Summary to the Audit Department, we at the HRD carefully check if it’s all ready for the Final Payroll Summary. By then, the topic on Salary computation is a very sensitive issue because most of the employees are already aware of the amount that they are going to receive and have already tried to compute their own salary in advance. Thus, even the slightest difference from their expected salary and actual Payslip might raise suspicion, which might lead to conflicts with the Human Resource Department.
    Manual Timekeeping has a lot of advantage in terms of accuracy for computation of some sort of charges like Lates, Absences, Overbreaks, Holidays, Overtimes, Government Remittances and many more. I just believe that though there are a lot of new system softwares available everywhere- the automated payroll system, still we need to check manually how it works for our company’s end.
      Although our kind of payroll system is prone for errors, this can actually be solved by the Audit Department as to the Payroll Masters we have.
         Our Company's Bio-metrics Timekeeping System really suits my taste because I’m just sensitive and keen to details on Attendance Logs.

Photo below shows when I let the Team leaders check their emails for the sake of the Timekeeping Summary.... Posted it on our Media Tool!

October 11, 2017

If Only I Could, an Apology

I may not be a celebrity to do this but I want to extend my deepest apology of being called a "grammar police" in your end in such a way that I was like hmm.......... or you have just considered me sarcastic in any way. As to consider my regretful acknowledgement of this offense, I hope that you will conclusively accept this - from the bottom of my heart because as of this moment, I still can feel the resentment in your end (don't know if this is the right word to describe for such, I apologize again.). It happened last July 2017 and seemingly up to this moment I'm suffering this kind of sentiment especially when I can see in your posts that relate on my end(or maybe I'm kinda paranoid, ain't ?).
You just don't know how I regret for that joke on email (as I considered) that has big of impact in your side. It started to ruin the friendship that I highly appreciated before that thing has happened. I thought it should have been fixed during the party in Ladislawa (Davao City) but turned out to be like cliff-hanger that we have not talked about it at all. What I'm afraid about is the so-called domino effect like some fake news that trend usually in social networking sites nowadays. How I wish I could turn back in time that we had some casual conversation which built a friendship, anyhow.
If you could only know how and what I feel everytime you have some words / posts that hint me or indirectly point towards me.
If you could only observe how I handle things rightfully in terms of "should be a reply / comment" in some cases.
If only you could recall the things we’ve done as colleagues before this mess happened.
If only I don’t have a strong personality, like a fierce one.
If only I could let you wear into my shoe, how should you feel?
If only you could recall the things you’ve done to me after that email joke.
If only you can see the inner side of me that may not be seen superficially.
If only you’ve known me even 10% as they say an audience impact.
         If only you know that it was "no offense meant".
If only you know me more.... and we know each other more... 
         If only ...

        I'm not actually doing this for some reasons except to let you know I'm sincerely apologizing for everything. I know that this won’t automatically be fixed but I’m hoping and praying to make it up to you somehow. I miss joking around with you Ma’am Jay Ann!

From Down Right to Left (Emman in Green, Jay Ann in Pink Red)

June 11, 2017

Six Eleven Global Services: My Designs

These Simple Designs are especially made, modified or enhanced by me in favor of Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions for the Flyers, Stickers for Giveaways/souvenirs, Tarpaulins, Online Ads and many more! Six Eleven Global Services usually approves such simple designs like the following: Updated 02|25|2016

This has only been modified, I only have little effort extended to this!

April 22, 2017

Jobfair with Congressman Koko Nograles

              One of my favorite HR tasks is the Recruitment Activity especially when it is held outside our office as aside from a tough decision process into serious creativity of hiring people, I can have some knowledge by getting ideas from applicants and help out them for possible opportunities. I consider Congressman Jericho "Koko" Nograles as one great philanthropist for this endeavor of accustomed Jobfair here especially in Davao City by which everyone is welcome for such! He is really one of the people I look up to.

Click Below - the cherished caught moments link.:
Nograles Photo

March 19, 2017

My Involvement in ''Araw ng Davao 2017''!

#ArawNgDavao2017 #Happy80thArawNgDavao

Having my first involvement in Araw ng Davao on its 80th celebration, it's just something to be pleased with. Our company, Six Eleven Global Services has just joined the Parade with great pride and we, at the Human Resource and Administration Department were the participants for such. It's the first time of our company to join this event after more than a decade of existence here in Davao City. It's even overwhelming that I was gladly ambushed for an interview with the media from Abs-Cbn Radio's Karenyosa.

Here's the CONVO:

Karenyosa: Hi! You are?
Emman: Hello! I'm Emman of Six Eleven Global Services... We are actually waiting for our queue here.... (LOL) (I mean to this parade...)
Karenyosa: What do you think are the contributions of your company to Davao City?
Emman: The investments from abroad to here and we get to help out Davaoeños for employment.
Karenyosa: How many employees do you have now?
Emman: We are more than a thousand employees and we're actually growing....
Karenyosa: Is this your first time to join this parade?
Our HR Head Maám Marichelle: Yes it's our first time..! LOL

Emman: (tongue-tied) hahaha

Here's a video Link : Ambush Interview